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Green Island Soft Cooler Backpack ~ Pearl

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The perfect gift for a loved one, mother or children. Dayna loves her bag so much!!  So had to get them in the store to share with all of you!!

Fill the backpack with sweet toys and spring outerwear for little ones to open up.

Alternatively, fill the backpack with charcuterie and head to the beach to sit on the leather mat while enjoying some food and drinks. 

It's the perfect housewarming gift or gift for the mom on the go. Effortlessly fit everything you need inside while enjoying its cooling capabilities.


Versatile Backpack In Pearl

Beyond its cooling capabilities, it transforms seamlessly into a reliable travel companion. Safeguard your laptop and personal items in the waterproof compartment, granting you peace of mind during unpredictable weather. The thoughtfully designed multiple compartments make it an excellent choice for parents, functioning effortlessly as a spacious and organized diaper bag. Elevate your outings with a backpack that adapts to your diverse needs, blending functionality with style.

- Six Storage Zipper Compartments fit a laptop, tablet, passport, phone, blanket, clothes, food

- Heat/Cold Insulation For Up To 12 Hours

- Extra Inside Padding To Keep A Laptop Or Personal Items Safe

- Weatherproof Material 600 D Poly + Weatherproof Zippers

- Stain Resistant ( Wipe With Warm Water + Dish Soap)

- Easily Collapses + Stores In Vehicle For Groceries

- 32L ( 24 Pack / 6 Bottles of Wine )

- Inside Liner Easy To Clean, Pulls Out

- Bottle Opener On The Strap

- Zipper On The Strap For Keys Or Credit Cards

- Two Drink Holders On Each Side 


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