About Us

For those of you who are new - I’m Dayna! I started D.LUXE in 2012 when I was 21 years old! We're now in year 10, have moved once, and evolved into d boutique🌻 I was born & raised in GP, and am now embracing the country life in the trees, on a valley outside of town 🌲 I love old music, local art, being outside, and most of all being a mama to my 2 boys - Chevy (5 yrs) & Bear (almost 2!!!) 😄

I started my shop with a dream of providing a place for all women to feel GOOD. All sizes, all ages, everyone 💕 We carry comfortable, versatile, soft, *actually wearable* clothes that last forever. You know those 10 pieces you wear on repeat? That’s what we carry. Clothes you can depend on for years to always look and feel *GOOD*. We have theeee cutest organic cotton panties, and of course our jewelry 😻 we are one of the largest Hillberg & Berk independent retailers in Canada 🤗 we always have all colours of Sparkle Balls in store! Everything is ethically made, made in Canada, cotton, bamboo, 10/10 quality, and *different*. We aren’t like everyone else, so our clothes reflect that in a minimalist, subtly quirky, classic way 😊 Our shop has an incredible vibe - inviting, super cute, open and easy to be in. Our staff are beyond lovely - I like to say they’re literal angels 😇, and our honest personal shopping is just part of the experience!

You can visit Sasha & Maya at the shop, or shop online -> www.shopdboutique.ca
I’ve always said you guys are like family - clients always become friends - so if you’re looking for something fun and “feel good” to do, come visit us in our happy little downtown location 🌻

This fall/winter has been our busiest yet 🙀 so crazy and amazing!!! I cannot thank you enough for choosing to shop locally 😿💞 with so so much choice out there, there are no words to describe how amazing it is that you *love* my shop the way you do ✨

Thank you soo much!! Love you all 😭❤️❤️❤️
And if you’re new - welcome to our little family 😘