Beauty From Bees


The Founder & CEO

Michelle's journey to living a clean and healthy lifestyle started during the pregnancy of her first child in 2008. While reading and researching ingredients Michelle was appalled at the realization of how many toxic items were in her life. She had suffered many years with extreme migraines and was taking pain medications on a daily basis. After research and trial/error she found that gluten was the culprit and began making small changes in her everyday life.

Not only did Michelle change what she ate, she changed everything that went in and on her body. It was her mission to ensure all the products she used for her family were created with the most natural skin care options available. She found that even high-end products marked "natural" in the drugstore contained damaging toxins. After four babies and 10 years of making items for herself & for her family, she created Beauty From Bees to bring affordable, natural products to everybody that was searching for better. These products are one of a kind and the best of the best. If Michelle doesn’t approve of the standards, it won’t be sold! Every day Michelle goes home and is proud to have helped families find their way to nature, proud to tell her kids where her extra energy and effort goes,  and is proud to say she’s leaving a mark in the world by keeping our environment clean of harmful chemicals. We are all wanting more for our skin and we don’t settle, nor should you.

The HeartThe Brand & The Why

No one else makes our products. Every formula and every tiny detail of the formulation is done in-house led by Michelle herself. We have created a team of women that care. Women that want the safest and cleanest products possible for their family and for the environment. The details of our hands-on approach won’t be compromised. Everything from measuring to hand pouring and controlling the quality of ingredients is our priority and promise to you. If you think you’re fussy about what touches the largest organ on your body, or your baby’s body, you haven’t met our fierce team that absolutely refuses to settle for anything less than skin-enhancing perfection. In our Alberta based manufacturing facility our motto is “nothing in this world is more important than your health”. We will never ask you to compromise your health for beauty.

Our mission will never change and our standards will never decrease. Our brand is here with a solid list of quality ingredients that will be hard to follow. Flip a bottle and have a look. They’re filled with ingredients you know, ingredients that you can pronounce and ingredients that you can feel confident using. 

We do not, and will not ever use anything synthetic, toxic, artificial or GMO. Our products are always gluten-free, nut-free, cruelty-free. We don’t use fillers or emulsifiers. When we make a product, the quality is so concentrate and pure that even just one drop of our serum or oil will bring you instant hydration. Why? Because you deserve the best.

The Science Behind Beauty From Bees  

Our batch chemist/creators behind-the-scenes have worked hard to find the perfect preservation system that promotes health within the skin. We have perfected a combination of Lactobacillus Ferment (Probiotics) and Antioxidants to hold strong in keeping our products fresh. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and is always considering each individual body part and the details of its specific needs. The skin on our face requires a different pH than the skin on our body, so we balance every item to match that requirement. We give you exactly what your skin needs and none of the chemicals it doesn’t. Nothing Hidden, Nothing Harmful.

Take Care of Your Hive