Lace Brick Design

These pieces are so special to me ❤️ I use my bag for literally EVERYTHING. My laptop & Big Bottle fit in it, it’s perfect for groceries (now that there are no bags at most places!), and I can put lots of snacks and extra suits for Chevy & Bear in it. It’s super cute, really durable, and comfortable to carry. My blanket is currently adding to my boho/mountain-y decor on my couch at my house, and when it’s time - it will be on my alter at my wedding 😇❤️!!! They were both birthday gifts from a very dear friend, Sasha 🥰

They’re Albertan, super cute and totally my style, and very durable (also my style in my busy life, lol! 🤡). I love love love this brand, and I know you will too!!!
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