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Ruched Inman Micro Modal

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My most FAVOURITE top is back in a lighter fabric!!

If you've been following me for a while... you know I'm absolutely obsessed with the Ruched Inman! I wear one at LEAST 4 times a week - no joke! It's the easiest top you'll ever wear {long enough for leggings, just the right amount of flow in the tummy!} Plus the ties are so pretty !

Micro Modal - Ultra fine knit modal {very similar to bamboo; it's a natural fibre made from beech trees!}. Baby soft, breathable, lightweight and cool!

We love Ruched Inmans with leggings, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, pencil skirts, joggers, dress pants - or pretty much anything you feel comfy in! They're very easy to wear dressy or casually.

There's a reason why I keep bringing this amazing, timeless top in. Come try & feel/find out!


Classic Black

Lionfish: denim-y blue

Madeira: deep fall rust

Porto: rich wine

Tartufo: the perfect dark, cool taupe

WHITE! Yes there is finally a white one!!!

Open Sizing - if you like fitted, go down a size or two. If you like a little flow, stay closer to your normal size! You want to fit your arms and shoulders, and the rest will flow.


XS - Fits XS, S, M

S - Fits S, M, L

M - Fits M, L, XL

L - Fits L, XL, 1X

XL - Fits XL, 1X, 2X +

More questions? Feel free to send with any sizing questions. We are obsessed with Bryn Walker, and would love to help you find your size :)


Bryn Walker Size Chart

SIZING: Sizing is always open with Bryn! It's up to the wearer's fit preference.

XS: Fits size XS, S, M

S: Fits size S, M, L

M: Fits size M, L, XL

L: Fits size L, XL, 1X

XL: Fits size XL, 1X, 2X+


We're Bryn Walker experts! Questions? I'm always here for you!


Sympli Size Chart

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The sizes are standard US sizes.