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Birthstone Bezel Set Stud Earring ™ Collection

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Specially curated studs. We’ve picked the metal that best complements the cut and colour of each of these birthstones. Many believe birthstones bring good health, good luck, and protection. We can’t verify that, but they do bring good style.


Featured birthstone; sterling silver, or gold or rose gold plated sterling silver

Marquis shape: 9mm x 5mm

Oval shape: 7mm x 5mm

Round shape: 7mm diameter

Crystal colours featured in each month:

  • January: Garnet Crystal
  • February: Amethyst Crystal
  • March: Aquamarine Crystal
  • April: Diamond Crystal
  • May: Emerald Crystal
  • June: Alexandrite Crystal
  • July: Ruby Crystal
  • August: Peridot Crystal
  • September: Sapphire Crystal
  • October: Opal Crystal
  • November: Topaz Crystal
  • December: Turquoise Crystal
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