Blondie Apparel


 If we are being totally honest, we don't think of ourselves as incredibly fashionable. We are definitely comfort motived and this comes through in all of our designs. Every detail is considered in the design process with an emphasis on quality and ease of use.

We design everything in house, literally, at Brodie's house over guac and ciders most likely. Once we have a concept, which is usually born out of a need that one of us has for a particular piece, we get to working on the sample. 

While we are working on the design, we are considering the best fabric for the piece. 



We choose each of our fabrics carefully to work perfectly with the design and function of the piece. Everything is considered from fabric content to how it feels. We aren't the biggest fans of high maintenance clothing so we are careful to ensure our finished products will be easy to care for and will last.

We are passionate about Canada and for that reason 70% of our fabrics are made at a local mill in Toronto. The remaining 30% are sourced from Canadian fabric suppliers.